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Learn to Fly Starter Package

If you want to get a little bit more flying experience than a TIF but aren’t completely ready to commit to a full course, then our Learn to Fly Starter Package is a great place to start.

Each lesson can be recorded in your logbook and these hours are counted towards a Recreational Pilot License, a Private Pilot License and a Commercial Pilot License.

The course will cover the following training briefings and flying lessons:

•   Effects of Control

You’ll learn about all the control surfaces and how they are manipulated to move the aircraft around it’s three axes. You’ll cover the theory of the basic effects of control, then step into a real dual controlled aircraft and demonstrate how an aircraft behaves in the air, what happens when the aircraft slows down, speeds up, climbs, descends, how to read your altitude, airspeed and much more

•   Straight & Level

Straight and Level is your second lesson and the most often used. Once you have completed the takeoff and climbed out of the airport, you will be looking forward to level off at an altitude and cruise for however long you want before coming down to land. This takes up maximum time of your flying experience and is considered oneof the most enjoyable parts of flying.

•   Climbing & Descending

In this lesson you will learn different ways to achieve a climb and descend.. You will learn 3 types of climbs, best angle of climb, best rate of climb and cruise climb. On ground you will learn different application of these and how to achieve it.

The package includes:

·   3 x Flight Briefing

·   3 hours Dual Flight Training in Full Motion Flight Simulator

·   3 hours Dual Flight in Cessna 152 or Piper Tomahawk

·   3 x Post Flight Briefing


Voucher expires 3 months from date of purchse for all of our summer promotions

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