Learn To Fly - First Solo Boot Camp

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First Solo Boot Camp

Your first solo is a major flying milestone for all pilots. We all remember that moment perfectly no matter how much flying we’ve done since… and you will too. Amber Aviation have created a program to help you ‘Go Solo’ with expert instruction in flying theory, airmanship, flying skills and good communication. The goal for this program is to develop your skills to a standard where your Flight Instructor feels comfortable to send you on your first solo flight.

Course Structure

You’ll receive the following theory instruction and flying lessons:
Effects of Controls
Straight and Level
Climbing and Descending
Introduction to Circuits
Flapless Circuits and Go-Arounds
Circuit Emergencies
Pre Solo Check Flight


To ensure you have understood the theory and concepts of flying safely you will be required to sit the following exams:

Pre-Solo Exam
Flight Radio Operator Exams


Your first solo will put into practice all the fundamentals that you will learn during the course. And once you’ve mastered them you’ll be ready to solo.

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