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Fly To King Island

This Island cannot be accessed by ferries, so the only way to get there is by booking a flight to the island.  King Island can be accessed by flights from Tullamarine, Essendon and Moorabbin airports in Melbourne including Fly Amber in Essendon Fields.

The flight tickets can be purchased online from any company offering King Island flights.

We have bookings open for King Islands almost daily. For details on King Island flights, and to purchase King Island tickets, check out our King Island tour details by clicking here 

Best things to do in King Island

Due to its massive landscape, King Island offers a wide variety of entertainment options for the visitors and tourists. Depending on your interests you can choose from several different King Island packages such as a golf package, food tour package or a simple King Island tour to explore the hidden gems of the island.

Here’s a breakdown of all the different King Island activities that you can take part in on the island.

1)Play Golf

King Island is a paradise for all the golf lovers out there as King Island has some of the best golf courts in entire Australia. King Island Cape Wickham golf courses are ranked in the top 5 for Australia and are about to make it to the top 20 in golf courses in the entire world.

Here at Fly Amber, we offer a special flight and golf tour package for King Island Cape Wickham Golf experience. You can read more about it by clicking King Island – Cape Wickham Golf Getaway

2)Enjoy the Special Food

If you’re a foodie, and love trying out new flavors and food, a King Island gourmet tour is a must for you.

At Fly Amber, we offer a one-of-a-kind 2-day King Island Gourmet Tour for everyone during which you’ll visit the home of King Island’s beef, cheese, crayfish and honey in a relaxing fully inclusive gourmet experience.

Throughout the journey you’ll see incredible scenery and diverse wildlife including wallabies, echidnas, seals and many species of birds.

To check out the details of the King Island Gourmet Tour by FlyAmber, click this link: King Island Gourmet Escape – 2 Day Tour